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Start Date: 
Thursday, November 15, 2018
End Date: 
Sunday, November 18, 2018
Coex - Hall A - Seoul, Korea
Type Of Event: 
Awards Ceremony



sign industry

Digital Printing
Medium to Large Format Digital Printer, Extra Large Format Digital Printer, Flat Printer, Digital Printing Machine, Digital Textile Printer, Desktop Printer, Photographic Printer, Laser Printer, Digital Printer, Software, Monitor

Media and Ink
Flex, Color Sheet, Banner, Back-lit Film, Transparent Film, Photo Banner, Printing Paper, Synthetic Paper, Dyes, Pigments, PET Film, Solvent

Manufacturing, Post-processing and Equipment
CNC Engraving Machines, Laser Cutting Machines, Bender, Molding, Forming, Milling Machine, Laminating, Liquid Coating, Coating Solution, Coating Film, Adhesive Tapes, Finishing Tapes, Crane, Ladders, Stain Removers, Winch, Drills, Cleaning Detergent, Other Tools and Materials

Digital Display, Input & Design
DID, Kiosk´╝îLCD/PDP/Light Panel, Interactive Media, Display S/W

led / lighting

LED Modules, Organic LED, Wafer, LED Chip, Traffic Signal, LED Application Category, LED Message Board, LED Score Board, LED Lamp, Back Light, LED Sign, LED Lighting, LED Numeric Display, Automotive, LED Full Color Display, LED Architectural, LED Accessories, Process Technology, Software

LCD Panel, PDP Panel, Light Panel, Illuminated Tools, PC Clip, Special Lighting for Advertisements, Timer, Neon, Gold Cathode, Stabilizer, Switch, Optical Fiber


Digital Signage
DID(Digital Information Display), LCD, PDP, LED, Videowall

Touch Screen, Touch Monitor, Keyboard, Keypad, Wall Touch Frontier

Touch Panel
Carving and Cutters, Plotters, Engravers´╝îLaminating and Mounting, Packaging, Welding

 3d printing

3D Printer, 3D Printer Material and Parts, 3D Scanner, Software,
Research/Education Prototype, etc.


Substrate, Ingot, Phosphor, Epoxy, Lead Frame, Chip, Epi Wafer