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Women SME 2017

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017 - 08:00
End Date: 
Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 06:00
Sheraton Dubai
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Women SME 2017

WOMEN SME conference will not only unite the most powerful ladies of the region but will showcase their great achievements.

According to the Kaufmann Foundation, a US$2 billion private US non-profit focusing on education and entrepreneurship, women are only a third as likely to get access to equity financing through angel investments or venture capital.

The International Finance Corporation estimates that leaves a financing gap for women-owned SMEs in developing countries of $285bn

Gone are the days when MENA women worked only at education institutes, hospitals and government institutions. MENA women of today have assumed prominent roles as decision-makers, bankers, journalists, judges, lawyers, media figures and scientific researchers. In fact, the number of women holding ministerial-level positions and other roles in public life has increased significantly in the last decade. Within MENA, women from the UAE seem to have achieved the most. Nearly one fourth of the 100 most powerful Arab women listed by Arabian Business consisted of Emiratis. They were followed by women from Kuwait, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia.

Women in the UAE and elsewhere around the region are an unshakeable economic force, with assets worth $385 billion (Dh1.4 trillion) managed by female-led small and medium enterprises.

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, UAE Minister of Economy, said government has taken some strategic measures towards the goal of achieving a GDP share of 70 per cent from the SME sector by 2021. At present, as many as 73 per cent companies in the wholesale and retail trade and 16 per cent in the services sector are SMEs. The manufacturing sector also has an 11 per cent share for SMEs. Together, these SMEs contribute to 86 per cent of the total workforce in the UAE and account for a GDP share of 60 per cent, according to the minister.

According to the UAE Ministry of Economy, women contribute nearly half of the UAE’s SME sector. The importance of a woman’s role in society, politics, education, and business has garnered increasing recognition in recent years.

Earlier this year, the creation of the UAE Gender Balance Council was announced, which will boost efforts to evolve and enhance the role of women as key partners in building the future of the nation. In addition, there are other organisations that have been very supportive in encouraging a modern entrepreneurial spirit, such as Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, The Female Network and Dubai Women’s Business Council.

One of the main questions for Women SME IS how to raise FUNDS.

“Women are a grossly underutilised resource for countries across the globe, particularly in emerging markets,” says co-founder and managing director of crowdfunding platform Eureeca Sam Quawasmi. But despite all the hurdles, he says 60 per cent of businesses that have raised capital through Eureeca are women-founded and led