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Why You Need to Be Advertising on Amazon

01 November 2017


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By Oren Stern


Think about your most recent shopping experience. If you’re like most consumers, you probably did most of your research online. You may have checked out product specs, read some online reviews and compared different options. And a good deal of that research probably took place on one of the major ecommerce destinations like Amazon.

So doesn’t it make sense for brands to want to be there as well?

That’s why ecommerce is poised to become one of the fastest growing areas of brand advertising. It has become a crucial marketing platform as advertisers know they have to be seen on sites like Amazon as much as they need to be visible in search and on social. In fact, the trifecta of search, social and ecommerce provides marketers with the opportunity to build deep and meaningful connections with consumers along the entire journey from discovery to point of purchase.

Amazon is certainly leading the charge. With more than 300 million active customer accounts worldwide and a catalog of hundreds of millions of different products, it is not only the leading online retailer, but also the de facto site for product research.

The ecommerce advertising opportunity

How do brands take advantage? Kenshoo recently launched its ecommerce marketing initiative—leveraging Amazon Marketing Services —to make this channel as important as social and search marketing.

Using cross-channel insights from social, search and now ecommerce, brands working with Kenshoo can better connect with consumers from discovery to point of purchase. The Kenshoo solution offers straightforward and flexible reporting, end-to-end campaign management, ecommerce channel optimization, product eligibility and ad serving insights. Initial results have been quite positive: Increased revenue and return on ad spend (ROAS), a decrease in cost-per-click (CPC), and considerable time-savings.

Leading media agencies have been quick to move on the opportunity. ““I’ve saved so much time using Kenshoo Ecommerce to manage Amazon Marketing Services campaigns,” says Caleb Erickson, associate director of performance marketing at Performics@Starcom. “Making bid adjustments in bulk and monitoring ASINs daily has changed the way we manage campaigns. Our team is able to make more granular optimizations and we’re seeing the impact even after one month.”

Amazon advertising also creates a tremendous opportunity for marketers to connect with consumers throughout their journeys. Chacka Marketing is using the ecommerce channel in conjunction with a holistic omnichannel strategy, increasing performance for its brands while creating efficiency gains for the agency. “Being able to translate activity from Amazon to other channels such as Facebook and Pinterest, is incredibly valuable for our clients,” explains Janel Laravie, Chacka Marketing’s CEO.

Ecommerce and Amazon are critical channels for today’s advertisers, but the marketplace is still young and there’s plenty of opportunity. At Kenshoo, this is just the first step in a robust product-focused offering to help brands gain complete visibility into product activity on Amazon while making the most out of their ad spend.