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26 February 2014
    Jade Raymond thinks it would be cool to live in a world in which traffic lights change on her command, one in which she has all the keys to all the locked doors. Nothing would be off limits. That’s kind of how Ubisoft’s star video game producer views the future of the industry—...+ read more
25 February 2014
    By Christopher Heine   Sullivan Solar Power's field technicians are currently taking turns using its Google Glass device to administer service calls around Southern California. And it is in their interest to absorb the wearable device's capabilities—because next year it will be...+ read more
07 January 2014
  More stock options, more years for unscripted Svengali   By Sam Thielman   David Zaslav, president and CEO of Discovery Communications, will continue in that role through 2019, the cable conglomerate announced today.   “David has done a superb job," said Liberty Media's John...+ read more
03 January 2014
  New site will include Times' first native ads   By Emma Bazilian   The New York Times website redesign now has an official launch date: Jan. 8. A “very small percentage” of Times readers will be getting an early preview of the new site starting today, a spokesperson for the Times...+ read more
30 December 2013
    One would think the revelation that McDonald's had been advising its employees to avoid many of the items the quick-serve chain offers would inspire purveyors of healthier foods to jump at the obvious marketing opportunity at hand. But so far on Twitter, consumers who click on a #...+ read more
19 December 2013
  By Christoph Becker   Business.....The word used to conjure up dreary images of briefcases and pressed shirts. Illustration: Sam Brewster But this perception as we know it has shifted radically. Today, the idea of business itself has become aspirational, exciting and magnetic. So what...+ read more